The best part? A lot less expensive than the sticker price on most light tables!

But totally workable for a wide range of light table play, craftsmanship, and learning.

Water Beads with Water Balloon Babies

3. Water dots with water inflatables

(or then again other imagine play things)

My girls have been fixated on


water expand babies this late spring. Since the time I once utilized them to pay off the children water beads  out of the sandbox and into their sleep time shower. So normally, the water swell infants (which are simply water inflatables with a Sharpie marker face) have participated in the water globule tangible fun, including an imagine play component.

The children have likewise utilized little puppets (princess dolls and creatures) in the water dabs and even vehicles once.

4. Arranging water dots

My children arranged the water dots for no particular reason, but at the same time there’s shading acknowledgment and fine engine expertise improvement by and by here (incredible for the littles!) and in any event, tallying. Utilize your hands…

Arranging Water Beads by Color

… or use spoons (estimating spoons work particularly well).

… or utilize these great child scoopers.

How to manage Water Beads – Shaving Cream Play

5. Water dots with shaving cream

Include shaving cream for twofold the tangible fun! Shaving cream is a great tactile material all alone yet in addition stands out brilliantly from water globules. We played with the two together…

How to manage Water Beads – Shaving Cream Play

… and the children additionally made a shaving cream “cake” with water globule designs.

Contracting Water Beads

6. Water dab science

These polymers develop as they assimilate water and psychologist as water vanishes from them… See the dabs that were kept separate from the water plate and how much littler some of them are? It is intriguing to watch them contracting when kept separate from water and developing again when placed in water.

Watering the Water Beads

I as a rule leave a little pitcher of water close to the water dabs so the children can include water when they need the water dabs to develop more or simply need more water in the tub.

For more water globule science, take a stab at freezing water dabs (as they did on Fit Kids Clubhouse) or absorbing them carbonated water rather than normal water (as they did on Caution! Twins at Play).

Water Beads

7. Water dabs in the bath or pool

We’ve taken our water dabs in the shower now and again (when they were broadened and there was no danger of them descending the channel) and the children have a ton of fun scooping them up with the sifter and playing with them…

I’ve likewise observed others use them in the kiddie pool (as here on Busy Hands Blessed Hearts).

8. Water dots down the cylinders

We haven’t really attempted this thought at this point, however I believe that they would be extraordinary fun with these straightforward cylinders and channels that Asia from Fun at Home with Kids set up with her kiddos…

9. Unwind with water dots

This really has a place up there close, if not with, that first tangible improvements one. Water globules are alleviating to contact and take a gander at. Playing with them can help quiet a resentful kid or mitigate a nervous one. They are likewise a loosening up approach to begin or end the day.

Bob water dabs


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