Seize 500 archaeological pieces to a clan dedicated to the theft and sale of drugs

The Civil Guard has captured in Los Alcores (Sevilla) 13 individuals of a family faction that is committed claimed burglary and offer of medications, among different wrongdoings, a structure where they have separated various retail locations of opiate substances, has interceded tranquilize, a long weapon taken, € 19,000, 500 archeological pieces “of boundless worth” and various items from robbery.

In an official statement, enumerating that it has completed the worry of dosages arranged heroin, cocaine and methadone, among others, and has continued to the seizure of a long weapon that was taken and the clarification of different violations against the social legacy, just as have been included eight vehicles, a bike, a stream ski, adornments or watches.

The captured were distributing photographs on informal organizations encompassed by banknotes of 50 euros

Between the in excess of 500 bits of archeological legacy located,are vessels taken from burial chambers in roman locales, coins of sequence iberian roman, tomahawks pulimentadas from the chalcolithic and bronze and stone and verifiable legacy −swords, masonic blades, knives−. The pieces have been analyzed by an excavator from the provincial administration of Andalusia and has mentioned the court for the examination of such items.

The outfitted foundation shows that in December 2019 goes to the social alert existing in Mairena del Alcor for the fights that happen because of the supposed offer of medications in the zone, just as for wrongdoings against property in lodging.

In this way, with respect to operators of the Research Area of the Leading Position of The Alcores is fitting to reinforce the observation and got the main information about a course bunch criminal family that they were making an “incredible social caution in the territory”. It is associated that there are a few focuses with offer of medication, with an association or family ties between a portion of these focuses.

The family was locked in likewise associated with robbery in abodes, utilizing the technique for knock

in Addition, the Civil Guard cautions that it is locked in additionally associated with robbery in homes, utilizing the strategy for knocking, “with resulting alert and sentiment of weakness among the neighbors”, notwithstanding offenses against authentic legacy.

robbery in the home by methods for picklocks and different instruments minimal forceful have consistently existed, however the utilization of new procedures, for example, ‘knocking’ or the ‘impresioning’ has given them a developing job (Shutterstock)

Clarifies that in the early examination shows that most of the individuals have a place with a similar family faction, “with an exclusive expectation of living, which incorporates rents of very good quality vehicles, for example, ferraris, lamborgini or mercedes”. In this sense, calls attention to that a group of five individuals had up to eight distinct vehicles extend, “without having the option to see that they had any sort of compensation of work.”

The individuals made an “extraordinary social alert in the town”

Shows that any of the individuals, “was probably going to put their abundance on interpersonal organizations, with photographs by pulling passes to ladies or lying in beds loaded up with banknotes of 50 euros.” moreover, in one of the video you see one of the speculates driving a mercedes very good quality “at a rapid through the focal point of the Mairena del Alcor”.

With the exploration identified two retail locations. One of them was available to be purchased and “smoking room”, where visitors showing up at any hour and could purchase and smoking the basuco −mixture of heroin and cocaine− inside the lodging. It was open 24 hours every day, so they’d alternate with the goal that you generally remain one of the individuals for the deal. Press Release

Another house was utilized distinctly for the deal. “In this extremaban safety efforts, in any event, leaving a vehicle rough terrain is consistently to little space of the entryway with the goal that nobody could approach the inside,” he includes. From the Civil Guard noticed that as of late is done five house look in Mairena del Alcor who are released with the capture of 13 individuals and the mediation of the previously mentioned components.

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