Tropical Luxury Villa Rentals in Bali

There is no greater pleasure for those who love the sun, sand and the crystal clear waters than to have the beach touching the gate of the villa. Villa Melissa, which doesn’t charge more than 2,200 USD at any point of the year, is one such example of luxury villa rentals in Bali that bring the ocean into your home and transfer you to a different haven than what you are used to.

Tropical Beachfront French Architecture
Gifted designers from France like Charles Pelletie and Gaelle Echene have given a new blend and face to the luxury and private villas in Bali. The result is the sprawling luxury mingled with the aesthetic vistas that are difficult to find elsewhere. The Villa Melissa for example begins at the beach and there is nothing obstructing your view of the ocean except the horizon itself. This tropical luxury villa spans over 800 sq. meters with air conditioned double bedrooms beautifully equipped with all 3, king, queen and prince sized beds.

Functionally divided areas
The living room of Villa Melissa is a bit more open with a mezzanine that lets you enjoy cinema with a high definition audio system. 3 of the 5 bedrooms have scenic ocean views while the dining room has lovely French doors. Villa Waringin too has the same features with a well from where water is drawn and treated with ultraviolet to make it fit for human use. En suite bathrooms are fixed with bathtubs and showers. 20 meters of beach frontage and a pool and garden making up 2500 sq. meters along with a floor space over 2 levels making up 800 sq. meters speaks a lot about the unique placement of rooms to ensure maximum privacy and segregated areas each with its own distinct functionality.

Excellent Location
The location of the cliff front villas in Bali or the luxury villa rentals in Bali is of prime important proving that one doesn’t have to run away from urban setting and then miss it to enjoy nature. While most of these luxury and private villas in Bali overlook the ocean extending from the beach or from the top of a cliff, they are 5 – 10 minutes’ walk away from exciting shopping centers and restaurants. The millionaire’s row for example, which has some brilliant luxury villa rentals in Bali, is just 5 minutes’ drive from the Nusa Dua golf club Villa for rent in Ocho Rios.

All in most of the luxury villas in Bali, like Villa Ombak Laut, Villa Shalimar, Villa Bayuh Sabbha etc. are well designed to address the taste of connoisseurs of all kinds. From the richness of architecture, to the complete range of modernity and sophistication in every single room, the aesthetic and romantic settings of private balconies, spacious porches, ceiling to floor ocean views and paddy terraces to modern amenities like Wi-Fi, equipped kitchens, home theater system and cinema rooms, the villas are in the true word equivalent to heaven with everything one wants present at the same place with doors and windows opening into nature’s arms.

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