SEO Article Writing – How to Write a Keyword Rich Title

Writing a keyword rich article title is beneficial to your article, but is it possible to balance SEO article writing with writing that also appeals to human readers?


If you follow the techniques and advice in this article, you will be creating titles that make sense, grab the reader’s attention, and accurately portray what your article is about.

Here’s where many people go wrong:

They write their article, then they say: “Now I need to figure out a way to get my keyword phrase into my title.”

Sometimes this afterthought approach works, but most of the time it doesn’t. When you create your article and title and then backtrack and try to get your keyword phrase in your headline, the result often looks unnatural and does not make sense.

Here’s the trick:


Do the opposite. Instead of finishing by trying to force your keywords into your already constructed article and title, use your keywords as a beginning point. Take your keyword phrase and brainstorm some natural sounding titles that incorporate that phrase. Then, write an article to satisfy the title.

Let’s look at some examples of keyword rich titles (listing the keyphrase first, then the titles):

*Healthy Eating Habits*


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