Elder Law and Assisted Living – Stopping Crime and Protecting Seniors

How bad is the problem of elder abuse and law violations in America’s assisted living facilities? Well, it’s not as bad as many of the scary reports from 60-minutes and made for TV expose shows seem to indicate. Still, as well run as most of these facilities are, there are indeed, still questionable outfits running substandard locations BP22 law.

According to a Forbes Magazine Article; “The Old Folks Home; Assisted living centers are a fine way to care for the aged, but finding a good one isn’t a snap. Here’s how to look,” published on December 12, 2005 and written by Mark Tatge; it was noted that there is still quite a bit of crime against seniors out there, much of which goes unreported. There were numerous examples in the article of jewelry, credit cards, and valuable belongings being stolen from elderly assisted living residents.

Sometimes the culprits are caught, but it is not as often as one might assume. Further, there have been numerous examples of physical abuse in such places. Luckily, most assisted living facilities are indeed honest and hire the best help and nurses, but you have to check to best help prevent this happening to your older relatives.

There have been numerous studies and research done by the GAO, A-A-R-P, Office of Healthcare Management Services, Veteran’s Administration, American Bar Association and many non-profit groups that seem to indicate that only about 75 to 80% of these facilities are safe, and up to standards. One lawyer recently confided in me that most of the complaints filed are not legitimate, but many are, and abuse still happens.


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