The Importance of Keyword Research When Marketing Online

You spend a lot of time, money, and effort in designing and developing your website. However, hardly anyone visits it. Has your money and efforts gone down the drain? Not if you optimize your website for search engines using the right keywords. The presence of right words or phrases in your website will take it to the top of search results and consequently bring in more visitors. You need to identify your target customers and choose the keywords and phrases they might use while searching online. Therefore, keyword research when marketing online assumes a critical role.

The first step in keyword research is to gather as many keywords as possible that are relevant to the product or services you want to market online. The next step is to analyze these keywords or phrases on the basis of their popularity, competitiveness, and limitations set by refined search methods. Based on this analysis and keeping in mind your target customers and focus of the website, select a few keywords. In the last step, use these keywords optimally in your website – use them in your website content, HTML code, and tags.

Identifying all possible keywords related to your products or services will become easy if you do a brainstorming session with your colleagues. An advantage of marketing online is the possibility to target a niche audience. Your keyword research should take this into account. For instance, if you are a yoga teacher, your target customers will most likely be from your own locality. Therefore, your keywords must include the locality as well. Another criterion for selection is the length of keywords or phrases. Long keywords that have two or more words are considered more effective than single-word ones. In the current economic scenario, adding terms like ‘cheap’ and ‘discount’ to your keywords will work effectively. People often misspell certain words. Therefore, it is prudent to include the incorrectly or differently spelled keyword in your website content. As an example, the word ‘exercise’ may be typed in as ‘exercise’. However, make sure that the visitor will not take it for your ignorance.

Online keyword research tools like Wordtracker, Overture, Google Trends, and Google Insights for Search, help you collect relevant keywords. You can also analyze these keywords for latest trends, monthly search volumes, competition, and much more using some of these tools.

A simple way to check the efficacy of a keyword is to search it by using any of the search engines and see the generated results. The more results, the tougher it is to get traffic from them. Popular keywords are likely to be too competitive and it’s not worth competing with many others to reach the top. Less popular keywords may list your site on the top, but traffic from these will be less as these are rarely used by prospectiv

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e customers. Keyword research will let you figure out a balance between the two and identify keywords that can generate significant traffic with less competition.

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