3 New Features to Create Mobile Websites in 2013

Creating and designing mobile websites has been around for several years. They help smartphone users to easily navigate around a website. Clicking a button to call the business. emailing a business and even sending a text message with the touch of one finger has made it extremely easy for users to quickly contact a business. The more engaging features that are on a mobile website, the longer the user will stay on it. Also, the easier it is for a user to find important information, the less chance that they will click away.

So what’s new for 2013? Let’s begin with one of the most popular strategies – using Facebook. Many businesses are using their Facebook page rather than or in addition to their traditional desktop website. So, it just makes sense to use a Facebook business page as the primary mobile site. You have always been able to put your mobile site on a Facebook page by using an iframe. Since Facebook is still very popular, the mobile industry is now incorporating the implementation of Facebook when creating a mobile site. You can even comment of your favorite Facebook page right from your smartphone.

Another very popular addition to mobile websites is the ability to make reservations for restaurants. This is a handy tool that lets you go to your favorite restaurant’s mobile site and then easily make reservations right from your phone. Of course, the restaurant must be signed up with the online reservations services, but more and more restaurants are opting in for it. Users can make reservations quickly even if they are en route to the restaurant.

Multiple locations has always been an issue for businesses with more than one location. However, with new programming tools, it’s as easy as adding a link.


The main purpose of a creating a mobile site is to make it much easier for the user to get the information they need very quickly. No more pinching and twisting the screen to find the location of your choice. Links on the main page make all locations very easy to find and contact. It’s also great to be able find out the menus and hours of operation for each location.

These are just a few of the many new cool, useful and fun features that h


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