How to Clean Bathroom Shower Doors

Fill a clean spray bottle with equal components water and white distilled vinegar.
Spray the answer onto the front and back of the shower doors. Allow the aggregate to face for at least five minutes or as much as half-hour for tough soap scum. Vinegar will reduce via the most cussed dust and dirt and save you destiny buildup.

Fill a small cleansing bucket with fresh water or use your bath or sink.
Put on a pair of rubber gloves and use a sponge dipped inside the water to wipe down the bathe doorways and take away the vinegar. Don’t overlook to wipe any regions in which the doorways overlap.

Clean the runners of your bathroom shower doorways with an old toothbrush.
Squeeze a dollop of white toothpaste onto the comb and then scrub the runners to lift any dirt, grime or cleaning soap scum. Spray with the vinegar solution onto the runners while completed and then rinse away with smooth water.

Dry your bathe doorways the usage of a smooth towel and ensure they’re thoroughly smooth.
If you spot any final cleaning soap scum or dirt, repeat the stairs above until your bathe doors sparkle. Once the doors are very well easy, a little preventative maintenance will pass a long way.

Saturate a easy fabric with infant oil and then wipe down your bathe doors with the fabric.
Baby oil will similarly save you unpleasant soap scum from collecting and also will lower the quantity of time in among cleanings. Lemon oil may be utilized in area of baby oil to wipe down your bathe doors after cleaning. It will provide the same safety towards cleaning soap scum and depart a lemony clean heady scent in the back of.

Shower Cleaning Tips

Glass cleanser can be used in location of the vinegar and water answer, but it’s going to now not save you buildup or reduce thru cleaning soap scum as without difficulty, and it is able to not be as effective on plastic shower doors.


A hand held bathe head works wonders for bathe door cleansing. You can use a hand held bathe head to rinse the ones difficult to reach areas such as the internal of the doors and the runners.


Use a commercial soap scum remover if vinegar by myself doesn’t do the activity. In maximum cases this may be unnecessary, however if the bathe has been not noted for years, you may need some more cleaning energy.

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