A new threat looms in Dragon Ball Super

The sequel to Dragon Ball Z returns a number of our favorite characters to us and introduces a brand new powerful danger. Watch Dragon Ball Super on Cartoon Network (301).

If you’re to your 30s, you’ll in all likelihood bear in mind your number one school days when you’d rush home to seize Goku warfare Majin Buu or Cell for 30 instantly days without a clear winner. Or Vegeta annoyingly calling Goku Kakarot in an effort to encourage a duel among the 2. No matter your memory, you extra than probable taken into consideration Piccolo, Krillin or even Mr Popo your after-college buddies in anime collection Dragon Ball Z. The show taught us everything from bravery to teamwork and loyalty too. The superb news is a whole new era can get to experience the group with continuation display Dragon Ball Super. After the events of Dragon Ball Z, Goku has settled down as a farmer. But his non violent existence is threatened whilst a new antagonist, inside the form of the God of Destruction, seems.

Meet the main characters

The protagonist of the Dragon Ball universe is a type-hearted, top notch Saiyan who is strong and competitive. We first met him when he become a younger boy on a task to acquire Dragon Balls. Since then, he has stored Earth some of instances and also fathered a son known as Gohan, also a first rate Saiyan.


The God of Destruction is a pink cat-like alien whose main assignment is to maintain balance in Universe Seven. He does this by destroying planets. He is voiced via Jason Douglas who performed Tobin in The Walking Dead.


Lord Beerus’s assistant and martial arts teacher is a tall, teal Angel. He is incredibly rapid and powerful and keeps Beerus in line for the duration of fights. Whis is a toddler of the Great Priest and as soon as he’s assigned to his deity, he by no means leaves their side.


This crimson-and-white villain is arguably Goku’s maximum big enemy and is continually inflicting troubles for Goku and planet Earth. Although he was formerly destroyed, his navy is decided to restore him in Dragon Ball Super.


Beerus’s twin brother has a long-status contention with him. Champa is chargeable for Universe Six and in Dragon Ball Super, he persuades his brother to keep a tournament that pits all 12 Universes against each different.

Grand Zeno

Although friendly in look, Zeno is truly the Omni-King and Lord of Everything. After Goku befriends him, Zeno tasks him with locating a chum for Zeno.

Who will adore it
Dragon Ball Super serves as a sequel to each the unique Dragon Ball manga as well as the TV collection Dragon Ball Z, and enthusiasts of both one gained’t need to overlook the go back of Goku and his pals. Their foes are fiercer than ever – possibly even unstoppable this time around…

Get a sneak peek of four back-to-back Dragon Ball Super episodes on Saturday 7 March on Cartoon Network (301) from 08:forty before the most useful on Tuesday sixteen March at 16:forty five

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